Are you desperate to find a unique way to cure bladder infections? If so, you will be interested to know that Oregano oil has helped many overcome from this common problem. Luckily, I have not been a victim of this but I know many of my friends who underwent this issue and how they overcome this using Oregano oil. Though Cranberry juice is one of the home remedies, Oregano oil is the best. (Visit Dmannose Ltd to buy this product)

Bladder infections are also termed as cystitis and are caused by bacteria. If the infection persists, then it may cause kidney infection. Therefore, it is advisable to treat bladder infections once you identify them.

People who suffer from bladder infections have the urge to urinate frequently and it smells strong. They are able to pass only little urine and that too may be red or cloudy. Sometimes, there may be burning sensation during urination. So, to overcome these symptoms, one should take oregano oil.

Lets see how to use oregano oil

You can either apply it on the bladder area or take orally.

Decide whether you wish to take oregano oil in the form of a liquid or a capsule. Though in liquid form the cost is less, it may be bitter and some don’t like the taste. But the capsules cost is slightly higher.

You can mix a few drops of this oil into a full glass of juice. It will mask its pungent flavour. You can take it with or without food.

Ensure to take an iron supplement along with this oil as it inhibits iron absorption.

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