HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is usually found in pregnant women. It is a natural hormone that works along with the hypothalamus in the body and controls the body fat. As a growing foetus needs energy, this hormone triggers the breakdown of mother’s fat. A foetus thrives on the energy released from the fat stores of the mother. This concept is adapted in people who are not pregnant and do not have this hormone in the body, through the intake of HCG diet drops. A small dosage HCG along with a controlled calorie intake will trigger the stored fats to be burned, and thus, the body loses weight. (Visit Dmannose Ltd to buy this product)


Usually, human body needs around 3000 calories per day to work normally. So, people consuming HCG diet drops can intake a very low calorie diet and still be healthy, as the hormone drops are directing the hypothalamus to burn fat and provide the rest of the calories. If a diet program is not associated with the consumption of these drops, the body might start burning the muscle tissue, which is not recommended. This way muscle mass is reduced, but the body fat still remains. Hence HCG controls the hypothalamus into burning the fat tissue, keeping the muscle tissue intact. Additional benefits of this diet plan are that our eating habits improve, as we are taking only healthy and nutritious food, devoid of any fat. Once this becomes a habit, we can stick to the same plan even after the completion of the protocol. As HCG drops only burn the fat, we tend to get a sculpted body, as fat from the hips, legs and abdomen is burned.

Intake of HCG diet drops is a healthy, inexpensive and effective way of losing weight. The drops help to reduce your appetite and increase the metabolism. It is suggested that you take around two drops daily to reduce around 21 pounds in 21 days. There are 3 phases of the protocol, where the first phase starts with the intake of high calorie food. After two days of this phase, a very low calorie diet is suggested for effective loss of weight. Second phase lasts for around 23 to 40 days, and then we move to the final phase. This is also called the maintenance phase, where HCG drops are not taken and the body is given time to adjust without them. This is an effective protocol, where the body does not lose its essential muscle mass and stays healthy even after losing many pounds.

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